[rescue] Quality of patch clusters?

Kurt Mosiejczuk rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 12:20:39 CDT 2001

Has anyone else notice that within the past year, the quality
of the recommended patch clusters seems to have gone down
considerably?  I used to feel that applying the recommended
cluster was pretty safe to do, but within the past year, I've
seen the cluster:

-break volume manager (cdrom/floppy mounting)
-cause ypserv to spawn zombie processes until the machine dies
-Cause drag and drop and other operations under X freeze the X
	server completely.

The last one appeared with the patch cluster that was downloaded
from Sun two weeks ago.  I discovered the problem when trying to
use metatool to set up mirrors.  When I released the button to
drop the drive slice on an object, the cursor went away, and only
a kill -9 to the Xsun process would get it back.

I searched sunsolve extensively, but found nothing that fixed it
(even tried a couple patches that looked like they MIGHT help).

So, anyone else have experiences like this, or am I just unlucky
at work?


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