[rescue] howto make multiple main boards work on a Sun Sparc 670/MP

Dave McGuire rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 12:15:50 CDT 2001

On June 15, linc wrote:
> If you look at any of the websites for DecLinux or Linux-Vax, the first
> thing they say is that if you want a good working OS for your machine to
> follow the link to NetBSD.  Pretty honest, and checking the net as I type
> I can't find any reference to any Linux claim to have VAX or DS ported
> with the one exception of www.kernal.org, and I had to search for that.
> No disrespect to you Dave, but I am getting slightly irritated in the
> blanket linux bashing from people whom evidently have never tried it or
> haven't tried anything recent for a very long time.  Most of us have the
> balls to say " Solaris sucks but then again I haven't tried 8 yet, only
> 7" but this is not so with Linux..  They just spew misinformation and then
> giggle their ignorant asses off.
> Why am I so bothered about this?  I use Linux, I admin Linux
> professionally, and I also run a sizeable LUG.  I also happen to run quite
> current versions of most other Unix and Unix-like operating systems
> (especially the free ones) so I am qualified to have an informed opinion
> on the subject.

  I'm sure you are.  But don't make the mistake of assuming that
everyone who says something bad about Linux has never seen, tried or
run it.  I for one have run it extensively on four processor
architectures...Intel, Alpha, MIPS, and SPARC...even fairly
recently...and stand by my statements.

  This does NOT constitute "blanket Linux bashing" by any stretch of
the imagination.  Keep in mind that all of the people who you accuse
of said bashing run Linux run it on some of their personal machines by

  Relax, man.

    -Dave McGuire

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