[rescue] howto make multiple main boards work on a Sun Sparc 670/MP

Dave McGuire rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 12:04:02 CDT 2001

On June 15, James Fogg wrote:
> No degree here either. I've said it before, but smartest people I've met in
> this industry had no degree or an unrelated degree. I am _so tired_ of
> employers relying on a little piece of sheepskin (come to think of it, some men
> *do* rely on a little peice of sheepskin.... nevermind).

  A degree doesn't prove that you KNOW anything...it just proves that
you're able to kiss a great deal of professorial ass and follow
rules.  A lot of managers in big companies still insist on degrees
because they want just that...someone to kiss their ass and follow the
rules.  Not be innovative, not to invent things, and not to solve

  This industry changes far too quickly to expect to learn about it ONCE
and then rely on that knowledge for the rest of a career.  Anyone who
can't learn on-the-fly, often learning by doing, simply will not
survive here...unless you count following the "click this, click that"
instructions in a Microsoft administrators' guide as a
computer-related career, which I certainly don't.

  End rant.

       -Dave McGuire

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