[rescue] Classic Memory.

Mike Nicewonger rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 11:51:27 CDT 2001

> Bran Tregare wrote:
> >
> > Did Y'all know that a classic can take 2 32 MB FPM Parity simms and run
> > 64 MB ram? :)  I disconvered this while ID ing some simms out of a blown
> > raid controller :)
> >
> does that mean it would work in the LX too?
Yes that means the LX too. This is a widely know but unsupported tidbit. The
Classic and LX will take 32 MB SIMMs in the first pair of slots only so you
can max the box out at 128 MB memory as opposed to the official amount of 96

Mike N

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