[rescue] This might make you smile (was THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK.)

Alexander Bochmann rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 09:35:45 CDT 2001

...on Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 03:21:37PM -0400, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:

 > I once came across a company that had taking the old IBM text only display
 > board (remeber, the absolute very first video display card in PCs), and
 > added a serial to parrallel port converter chip to it.

That probably was the PC Weasel stuff, 

Not cheap, though.

 > Of course, /me wonders if most modern bios still even remeber how to boot
 > to CGA, let alone the old text only cards.

"Q. Do you have a PCI version?

 New Answer:

 We're working like crazy on it. MDA won't work on PCI, so we've 
 had to make the Weasel VGA, which is now being ported to PCI. 
 For those with no ISA slots at all, please sit tight as we expect 
 to be shipping PCI before the end of 2000. If you're one of those 
 who has (an) ISA slot(s) but can't use it/them due to physical 
 packaging limitations (eg 1U/2U rack chassis), we have an ISA 
 riser kit that may help. 

 Newer Answer: 

 The PCI version should be ready sometime during the summer of 2001."


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