[rescue] Re: [geeks] THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK.

amy rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 03:10:02 CDT 2001

"Devin L. Ganger" wrote: 
> Once you hit the world of multiple processor, server-architecture enterprise
> systems, where you *do* get what you pay for, FreeBSD and Linux become the
> only two free operating systems that even have a prayer of making the most
> of the high-end hardware.  

fbsd i can see making the most of high-end hardware but not linux. the 
scalability factor, etc.

> Oddly enough, Solaris and NT/W2K do just as well,
> and on some platforms, even better.  Show me Linux's scalability past 4
> processors. 

my cuisinart toaster probably has more scalability than linux ;) 

> Show me a place where I can get 24x7 support with 4-hour on-site
> committed response time for FreeBSD

irc, efnet, various channels. if it took 'em four hours (as opposed to 
5 minutes), i'd be shocked. 

> The scale of administration for FreeBSD or Linux to
> provide the equivalent levels of service would have been prohibitive to
> the level of staffing.

oh yes. god forbid we install any o/s without a support contract. it
wouldn't do to know the operating system well enough to fix it

> While the free BSDs have made remarkable steps towards lowering
> the bar, they have not -- and cannot, for it is fundamentally impossible --
> reduced all risk.  All they've done is make it appear *safer* to not know
> your system inside and out.

each time people cry for support contracts, they lower their
factor concerning the machines by a factor of 12. it doesn't matter
which o/s. the 
fault is on the admins for their laziness and unwillingness to fix their
hardware and software.


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