[rescue] NT Stability.

Bran Tregare rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 02:54:47 CDT 2001

Having recently worked with both NT and Solaris in my professional life, 
there is 1 place that I can think of off the top of my head that Solaris 
far outshines NT stability wise (IMHO)

  That is Serving webpages.  IIS leaks like a stuck pig, ASP DLL's leak, 
and if you are using COM objects, MS's COM interface leaks... replacing a 
SINGLE solaris (UE 450, quad proc 2Gig ram) box running netscape enterprise 
web server we had to put 3 Compaq quad proc xeons each with 2 gigs ram 
behind an F5 box configured to fail over to the next server when one fell 
down  (the company didn't believe in load balancing)  we rebooted the 
bloody NT boxes at -least- 1x daily, we even had IIS and NT/2K programmers 
over to look at the code we were running under IIS, (this was YABGC 'yet 
another bill gates company')

There was 1 prototype NT box that didn't have to be bounced that often, I 
had loaded it SANS IIS and put Apache/SSL and ChiliSoft ASP on it and it 
increased the stability of the machine.

  My DHCPserver here at my house is a Win2k Server box, and even after 
applying the recommended service packs i find that it stops responding to 
the Win98 clients on my network and has to be rebooted about every 2 weeks.

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