[rescue] Re: [geeks] THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK.

Paul Sladen rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 02:13:29 CDT 2001

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, mike dombrowski and another delious person wrote:

> How much time have you spent with various Unixes vs. NT? Most people I 
> know who come from a unix background and say NT sucks don't spend 
> nearly as much time with it.

There is a very good reason for this...

> >I will bet you $250 USD that an out of the box, generic install of
> >Open/Net/FreeBSD will whup whatever W2K solution you implement in 
> terms of
> >uptime, security and reliability (defined as the service being 
> available for
> What does this prove? No sane admin runs an out of box install. Even 
> OpenBSD needs tweaking to get it going

Spenting three weeks of `and click to change that'; and *Reboot* kinda
defeats the point.
> >xx.xx% of the time).  Figure a AMD K6-2 450, 128MB RAM, IDE hard drive 
> >for each of us.
> You can't do this either.

*Yes you can*.  Trying to blame NT crashes on `nobody spenting enough on
the hardware' is similar to the `I'll only frob NT if it has 110% branded
cards in it';

Lets face it, it's a getout clause:  a) Only a few people know how to patch
NT to get it to a `decent' stability level.  b) Secondly that ``stability''
level really sucks when you sit it next to a unix box.
> Saying that properly admined NT can work is not a "ridiculous claim." 

Might I respectfully suggest that sunrescue is not the best place to make
"ridiculous claims" like these.
ntl at paul.sladen.org
> Hell, I can fux0r a Solaris box up enough that it won't be able to do 
> shit then come crying about Solaris being a piece of shit.

At least you get a choice;  NT already comes in this mode.

> For many places/people NT is the best solution, period.

Yes, they are called MCSEs.


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