[rescue] Re: [geeks] THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK (NT's do)

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 01:22:19 CDT 2001

> Amazingly, this Compaq Deskpro <something> PIII-600 box here on my desk
> at work has *NEVER* crashed.  Was unstable as all hell when I got it
> (old NT4 install) but once I installed win2k after wiping the drives,
> its been *great*.  Of course, I only run SSH/IE/eXceed on it (as my
> main machine here at the office), and occasional Word / Excel.  9G HD,
> 128meg RAM.  Shitty onboard video.

that laptop of mine that just fried.  PII/400, 128MB ram, 6GB disk, really
really really stupid gfx (Silicon Motion LynxEM) running win98 unstable.
running nt4 (all service pack levels) unstable.  running win2k.  uptime of
around (guestimation) 180 days.

> The only downtime its had was due to power outages or reboots for
> patches/updates.  I come in in the morning, use it all day, lock the
> console when I go home.  I also use it via VNC through the VPN from home.

like my suns, it went down only because i had to move/change it.  that was the
only time it went off.  before i moved i think i was running w2k for about 3-4
months, and it was up the entire time.  powered down to move, latest power
down was to reconfig the BIOS so it would use the LCD display (if i didn't set
it to CRT only it wouldn't use my monitor right, like i said, it was a POS)
because i needed the monitor elsewhere.  rebooted to get it back to the monitor
and it never came up.  dead.  flaky fan, i'm surprised it made it as long as it
did. :)

i'm a long time MS hater.  last version of win i had was 3.1 on my 386 before i
installed linux.  long time ago of course.  haven't touched windows since. i've
seen how pathetic it is.  i really really like win2k.  it's no performance
queen, but it sure as hell is stable.


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