[rescue] PC-Weasel (was This might make you smile)

James Fogg rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 14 14:34:14 CDT 2001


they still make them.

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, THOU SPAKE:
> > referring to the POST output going to the serial port...  In which case I
> > know that the 440GX Intel OEM board supports it, and I think that most of
> > the high end (if anyone can call an x86 machine 'high end'...) server class
> > (if anyone can call x86 hardware 'server class'...) motherboards support it
> > if set up in the BIOS.  Although you'll still have to run it with a video
> > device (framebuffer) in it to get it to post...
> >
> The PC-Weasel is your friend....if its still being made.  Emulates a video
> board, but takes the video scans, converts them into a Vt100 terminal
> emulation, and spits them out a serial port. Your machine thinks it has an
> EGA-class framebuffer, but the video comes out as serial.
> Keys that you type on the terminal are converted into PC Keyboard scan
> codes and stuffed into the keyboard controller on the machine.
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