[rescue] This might make you smile (was THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK.)

James Sharp rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 14 14:21:45 CDT 2001

> referring to the POST output going to the serial port...  In which case I
> know that the 440GX Intel OEM board supports it, and I think that most of
> the high end (if anyone can call an x86 machine 'high end'...) server class
> (if anyone can call x86 hardware 'server class'...) motherboards support it
> if set up in the BIOS.  Although you'll still have to run it with a video
> device (framebuffer) in it to get it to post...

The PC-Weasel is your friend....if its still being made.  Emulates a video
board, but takes the video scans, converts them into a Vt100 terminal
emulation, and spits them out a serial port. Your machine thinks it has an
EGA-class framebuffer, but the video comes out as serial.

Keys that you type on the terminal are converted into PC Keyboard scan
codes and stuffed into the keyboard controller on the machine.

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