[rescue] Re: [geeks] THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK (NT's do)

BSD Bob the old greybeard BSD freak rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 14 10:55:27 CDT 2001

> > to be a ``thou willst run NT on it to be compatible'' kind of thing....
> > weeeeellllll, it crashed again, this morning.  Just luv that bluescreen
> > de mort....  The hardware is pretty plain jane.  I sense it is the
> > software that is the problem.


> Amazingly, this Compaq Deskpro <something> PIII-600 box here on my desk
> at work has *NEVER* crashed.  Was unstable as all hell when I got it 
> (old NT4 install) but once I installed win2k after wiping the drives,

       ^^^   is that suggesting software rather than hardware?

I put sp6 on it and that helped some.  Still... crashola city...

Mebbie I should try the win2k... nah, need a *NIX on it.  Better, cheaper,
and it works.

How was it unstable, originally.  Maybe there is something about
original OEM installs that is problematic.

> its been *great*.  Of course, I only run SSH/IE/eXceed on it (as my
> main machine here at the office), and occasional Word / Excel.  9G HD,
> 128meg RAM.  Shitty onboard video.

That's about like mine... I have a 21 inch monitor though, which helps
the browser feeding, fer us olde myopic pfartes.

I need to rescue it from its misery!

I may bite the bullet and reinstall......FreeBSD, pretty soon, though,
if this continues to crash.  The only real work the thing does is
writing my *NIX boot cds and backup cds....(:+}}....  I have threatened
to even try Sol8 on it... but that draws dumb looks from the NT folks
around here.  That's what I get for being the only *NIX freak around
an NT joint, but, I will be retiring, soon....(:+}}, and looking for
some fun work.

> The only downtime its had was due to power outages or reboots for 
> patches/updates.  I come in in the morning, use it all day, lock the
> console when I go home.  I also use it via VNC through the VPN from home.
> (this is the machine with the Sun monitor, SGI PS2 keyboard, and 
> Microsoft mouse....)

Well, you seem to have had better luck than my box gives me.
I have not lost anything serious, yet.  But, first time I do,
I will wipe its little platter's behinds and put a good OS on it.

``Rescue it!'' is our motto, right?



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