[rescue] Cray J90s

Björn Ramqvist rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 14 06:33:07 CDT 2001

Bill Bradford wrote:
> IMHO, Tony Cole Must Die.  He took machines, cut them up, and sold
> pieces mounted on boards on ebay.

Who said anything about if any of those machines (or was it just one?)
were anywhere near in working order? God knows how many obscure parts
that might have been missing in those to actually run them. Even if it
was in working order, I'd still be happy with an authentic Cray-2
memoryboard hanging on my wall, just to show off some REAL BAD-ASS
Not to mention that if I ever came across such a machine, I wouldn't
spend the (massive) power to run it. It makes a pretty comfy sofa
though... (have a photo somewhere where I actually sat on those leather
dressed powerconverters)

I'm still amazed over what the Cray-3 would have brought the industry if
it ever came in production. Truly a piece of art.


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