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Gil Young rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 23:20:23 CDT 2001

> Well, just to add in my own 2 cents worth, and to somewhat go with the

Ah well, I think I can muster up some spare change as well...

MS server OS'es are not enterprise worthy. MS touts themselves as such, and
falls short. I know there are huge install bases that swear by it & run
their daily operations of tens of thousands of users (poor saps), but that
just goes to show you just because you can do something (like put a blender
on a network) doenst mean it is worth doing or even financially justifiable.
I can do anything NT can (aside from certain proprietary M$ crappola that is
not open standard) cheaper, better, stronger, faster and more efficient with
*NIX. At my current place of employ, there are 2 racks of NT server to
handle (think: equivalent camp services, eg NFS vs SMB) what I used to do
with a single Sparc pizzabox at my second previous place of employ (I
actually did even more than the 2 racks currently do).

About 5-6 months before I left !employer-2, I upgraded the pizzabox to a
pair of UE250's to provide redundancy as well as an upgrade to processing
power.  BTW they never needed a reboot for ~2 years and were only rebooted
recently due to a physical move (from what Ive heard).

So blah.

Gil Young
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> general "know-what-you're-doing" path.. Our NT server at work is
> never down, unless we're doing fun things like "hey, I heard this linux
> thingy will boot on a floppy and hack the admin pw! Cool! Damn, didn't
> Ok, time to bring the server back up.." *grin* But then our company has 3
> total employees. However, on a larger scale, I have customers that use NT
> exclusively, and for significantly larger numbers of users (I work for
> SMB-aimed VAR). And the NT servers we set up don't go down... But then, we
> know what we're doing too... Not trying to send pretentious, but my dad is
> an MCSE and MCP, and has been in the computer business since 1965, and
> been using computers since the age of 3. Also, we generally only sell HP
> Netservers and IBM Netfinitys as NT servers, no Dell shit (I call them
> "Smell" and often joke about them being something good to fill dumpsters
> with). But largely it comes to opinion... God, I hate NetWare, I like SCO,
> linux pissed me off, thing would go haywire in the install process,
> tried BSDs, I dislike Sun as a company and dislike their hardware but will
> soon teach myself Solaris, I like VMS very much, same with RT-11, MacOS
> needs to be burned and please bring me the head of Jobs on an iron pike..
> (no strong feelings there!), BeOS is a great thing, I'm sad when I see it
> not taking off, I'll soon also be learning SSP, and HP/UX. But really, you
> can find good things about all of them and bad things about all of them,
> often comes down to personal preference.. Such as people who don't like MS
> in general are not likely to say good things about NT.. Sorry if I
> anyone, all views are my own and not yours : ) LOL Keep in mind the old
> saying: "Opinions are like assholes; everyone's got 'em"
> Will J
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