[rescue] Re: [geeks] THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK.

Will Jennings rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 23:00:30 CDT 2001

Well, just to add in my own 2 cents worth, and to somewhat go with the 
general "know-what-you're-doing" path.. Our NT server at work is practically 
never down, unless we're doing fun things like "hey, I heard this linux 
thingy will boot on a floppy and hack the admin pw! Cool! Damn, didn't work! 
Ok, time to bring the server back up.." *grin* But then our company has 3 
total employees. However, on a larger scale, I have customers that use NT 
exclusively, and for significantly larger numbers of users (I work for 
SMB-aimed VAR). And the NT servers we set up don't go down... But then, we 
know what we're doing too... Not trying to send pretentious, but my dad is 
an MCSE and MCP, and has been in the computer business since 1965, and I've 
been using computers since the age of 3. Also, we generally only sell HP 
Netservers and IBM Netfinitys as NT servers, no Dell shit (I call them 
"Smell" and often joke about them being something good to fill dumpsters 
with). But largely it comes to opinion... God, I hate NetWare, I like SCO, 
linux pissed me off, thing would go haywire in the install process, haven't 
tried BSDs, I dislike Sun as a company and dislike their hardware but will 
soon teach myself Solaris, I like VMS very much, same with RT-11, MacOS 
needs to be burned and please bring me the head of Jobs on an iron pike.. 
(no strong feelings there!), BeOS is a great thing, I'm sad when I see it 
not taking off, I'll soon also be learning SSP, and HP/UX. But really, you 
can find good things about all of them and bad things about all of them, it 
often comes down to personal preference.. Such as people who don't like MS 
in general are not likely to say good things about NT.. Sorry if I offended 
anyone, all views are my own and not yours : ) LOL Keep in mind the old 
saying: "Opinions are like assholes; everyone's got 'em"

Will J
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