[rescue] Students need guru to enlighten us about xyplex 1600

ullli rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 22:15:28 CDT 2001

Hi John!

We are students of electronics in the north of England. And we are
to fiddle with PCs - of course...  Last month I picked up a xyplex
maxserver 1600
from a scrapmonger and thought we could set up a little network in our
home. Bit nosey that, as we haven't got a clue how to set it up.
So far so bad. Now we stumbled across your recent post about xyplex in
sunhelp.org newsgroup and you seem to know about the xyplex so here we
are: could you help us out on this one?

1)We don't have the PCMCIA Cards.

2) On Power on it does a self test, lights up
all the channel-LEDS and starts flashing the RUN LED.

3) We thought we just connect RJ45s from each PC to the HUB and thats
it, but
obviously it isn't and now were stuck. But would that idea work in

4) If int needs initialisation or control: How to link/power it up? Do
we need
Terminal software or so to set the box (soldered a SUB-D AUI to AUI as
well) or so?

Please enlighten us if you can find the time - thak you very much in


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