[rescue] laptop memory for cheap

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 21:30:34 CDT 2001

i've got two 64MB PC100 SDRAM chips that i pulled out of my HP Omnibook XE2
after it fried last weekend.  (don't ever buy that POS) and i'm too lazy to
find out exactly what it is about this stuff that i can put a good description
on ebay, so i thought i'd just offer it here for cheap.  doing a search on
pricewatch.com shows that these can be gotten for $19 a piece, so $25+s&h for
the two of them.

a 6GB IBM Travelstar (once i get it hooked up to something so i can wipe it) 
will be available for best offer, gotta let me find a way to wipe it first.


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