[rescue] FS: PPro200 system (reduced)

Bill Bradford rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 21:02:30 CDT 2001

Need to get this out of my closet.  

Its in a mid-tower AT case, 3 5.25"
bays and two 3.5" bays.

Motherboard is an Asus P/I-P6NP5:


Has 64Mb RAM (2 x 32mb EDO 72-pin SIMMs),
4.3gig Seagate IDE HD, 12x Goldstar CD-ROM
drive.  Pentium Pro 200 CPU w/256K L2 cache.
Overclocks to 233 easily.

Also has:
	Matrox Millenium 4Mb PCI video card
	Creative Labs Soundblaster PCI 128 sound card
	3 network cards, all PCI / RJ45:
		Netgear FA310TX (10/100bt)
		3Com 3C905X (10/100bt)
		SMC DECchip (10bt)

I'll also throw in some 9pin-serial-to-PS2
mouse adapters and some PS2-to-AT keyboard
adapters, as well as a pair of Northgate
Omnikey 101 or 102-key keyboards and a 
Microsoft PS/2 mouse or two.

$125 plus your preferred method of shipping from
Austin, TX (78758).  PayPal preferred.


Bill Bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
Austin, TX

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