[rescue] Its all the same (was: THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK)

Brian Dunbar rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 14:47:16 CDT 2001

>>My employer uses Linux, MS Windows and Solaris, all with good success.
Honestly, from a cost-overhead view, the MS Windows machines seem to beat
Unix varients to hell. Sure, they aren't reliable, but we can admin 150
(approx) NT/2K machines with two administrators, but we use 5 admins to
handle about 50 unix varient machines (and they are kept busy). I will admit
we crunch far more data on *nix, but to a freshly minted (inexperienced)
executroid it wouldn't appear to be cost effective<<

I suspect that the devil is (as in all things) in the details.  Here unix
predated Windows by years, and 2/3 of the IT staff have been here for at
least five years.  They (and our predessesors) took the time to set things
up correctly, and the unix side runs pretty smooth.  The *windows* side of
things is a little helter-skelter, but we're working on that part as well.

It may help that there isn't a divide between unix admins and windows admins
-  and that most of our tools are either unix-only or work on unix and
windows both.


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