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A  _LOT_  of companies could not care less what O/S or hardware
or anything else. As Mr. Fogg stated so well, what companies buy
is "application and function".
They often buy it as a package from a vendor.
Often a vendor who knows that "ALL customers have some IBM
stuff so we'll put ours on IBM" - that makes the vendor more
Most people on this list know how little influence IT has when
the suits at the top have made a decision.
Might as well try to hold back an avalanche.
(Sometimes they even pacify you by pretending to listen to you)
Unless you work for different companies that I have & I've been
doing this stuff for longer than I care to admit.


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Josh wrote:
> And here, I thought that IBM liked linux based on its own merits.  I mean,
> linux does genuinly add new functionality and open new markets for the

It opens markets but doesn't add anything that porting AIX to S/390
wouldn't do (except the port gets done a lot cheaper by writing off
an S/390 or three to various developers vs. assembling an in-house
devel group to port it.)

> zSeries machines.  And if IBM can sell one of those to a company, they
> probably have that company hooked for a long time.

Most companies are "hooked" on IBM because they don't know there is
better stuff out-there. It's much easier for a vendor to continue
sales to a customer after they're "locked in" to a particular
vendor-- both technically [ locked into architecture ] and logistically
[ proving to suits this new computer from Sun/whomever is better. ]

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