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Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 10:48:07 CDT 2001

My neihebors used to have a dog that would try and chase my cat.  It was
pretty funny.  The cat would walk out to the middle of the yard and calmly
sit down.  This of course got the dog all excited, and he would charge
towards my cat at full speed, then suddenly he would flip over as he
reached the end of his 10 foot rope, still several feet from the cat.

Another interesting cat anecdote.  Where I used to live, the ground was
not level, so at the back of the house, the ground came up to the first
floor, but at the front about half of the basement was exposed.  The
kitchen window (above the sink) is about 8-9 feet from the ground.  I'll
never forget the day that I was standing at the sync washing dishes and
watching a butterfly flutter past the window at eye level (thus making the
butter fly perhaps 10-11 feet off the ground), when my cat goes soaring by
batting wildly at the butterfly.  I knew cats could jump because I'd seen
him jump to the top of the fridge, but I never knew how high cats could
just before.

Joshua Boyd

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Brian Dunbar wrote:

> >I had no idea that dogs would hunt small animals like that.  I thought
> only cats did.  I've heard of dogs chasing squirels of course, but not
> actually catching anything.<
> I once saw my neighbor's shepherd stalk my unsuspecting fluffy white cat -
> she (the shepherd) went downwind, bellied down and crept very very quietly
> through a hedge - then rushed the cat and -this- close to the cat ran into
> the chain link fence between them.  Loud bang of the dog colliding with the
> fence, WOOFing and a trail of white fur as the cat flew at light speed
> toward the house . . . 	brian
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