[rescue] RE: [SunRescue] OT: AS/400 stuff

Mike Hebel rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 10:34:28 CDT 2001

CF> Mine is old too, although not quite 70's, more like early 80's.  The
CF> timer doesn't work anymore, so you gotta stand there and watch it, or go
CF> by the clock.

CF> My grandparents bought it for my folks back before they were found in
CF> every home.  I think it was the only thing, currently taken for granted,
CF> that we had prior to everyone else.  We were always way behind.

CF> Chad Fernandez
CF> Michigan, USA

CF> Bill Bradford wrote:
>> My Amana RadarRange, with the circular dials instead of
>> buttons and a digital display...
>> Circa 19-early-70s.  Got it from my grandma.  Took two people
>> to lift it.  Opened like an oven door (hinged at bottom).  You
>> coudl lose a finger if you werent careful with the spring-loaded
>> door.
>> Friends made radiation jokes.
>> Bill
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Hah!  But does yours have an electric browning element in it for
roasting?  The one I relegated to the garage does!

It was actually my wife and I's second microwave - we bought one and
then her parents said "Do you want this?".  I said "Cool - a microwave
so I don't have to leave the computer room!".

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