[rescue] Time to give up?

John Eo rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 09:56:43 CDT 2001

Okay, first of all, thanks for all the suggestions on fixing up my 
SS5 in Kodak Digital Processor disguise.

Unfortunately, my coworker has tried unplugging EVERYTHING in his 
machine and then booting, with no success.  It appears that the 
reason he has not been able to bring up OpenBoot is, well, because 
it might lack OpenBoot in the firmware.  He told me that when he 
turns it on with HDD removed, he gets something like "Initializing 
FBV 2.1..." and then it gets stuck there.  I've never seen 
OpenBoot prompt (I did say I was new at this), but I'm guessing 
that ain't it.

So, if my machine has indeed been brainwashed by our friends at 
Kodak, do I have any option left other than chucking the board and 
selling its organs in the Black Market?  I don't suppose the 
firmware can be reprogrammed without a decent mad-scientist lab (I 
don't got one)?  This is a major disappointment because I've 
already commited my lunch money for this month to memory, HDD, and 
input devices.

I suppose I could buy a SS5 motherboard, but if I hadn't spent the 
money already maybe I could've waited and saved up for an Ultra 1.

So is it time to give up?


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