[rescue] RE: [SunRescue] OT: AS/400 stuff

William Staniewicz rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 03:22:39 CDT 2001

Here in Amsterdam we have just about every variation
of services you can imagine. I don't recall seeing a barber shop
like that but it wouldn't surprise me. (But, it's been a long
time since I've needed to visit one; I use the Mach-3 on face
and head.)

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 01:03:01AM -0500, Bill Bradford wrote:

> We have "Sexy Scissors" opening up soon here in Austin.  Signs talk
> about "Haircuts for Men".  Rumor has it that it will be a topless 
> barbershop.

Bill                             William Staniewicz
                                 Amsterdam, NL

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