[rescue] Free goodies (northern CA)

Chad Fernandez rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 13 02:19:21 CDT 2001

How does that work?  I would think even a turtle would need food in that
amount of time.

I guess I did that to a fish, Though.  I had a Blue Gill that I didn't
feed for way too long when I was in JR. High (I think).  I kept putting
off digging up worms for a month or more (I think), and my dad finally
told me that I better feed the fish because he was getting very
weak/logy looking.  I did get some worms into him and he ended up being
fine.  He actually grew in a tank that was probably too small (20

My dad always wanted to try to catch him on a line.  He did drop a line
in one day, while I was standing there.  My mother scolded him sharply
and he pulled it out.  He must not have been using a worm, because the
fish would have nailed it.  I think the fish was looking away too.

The fish was a pretty cheap pet, considering he came from a lake, and I
food came from the ground.  I guess during the winter things got more
expensive, However, because I had to buy bait for him to eat.

Never thought I tell that story on a computer list :-)

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

dave at cca.org wrote:
> If I happen to forget to feed my tortoise for three months, he'll
> be fine.  And all summer he'll live on dandelions.
> Cheap pet.
> -- david fischer -- dave at cca.org -- www.cca.org -- Cthulhu told me to.

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