[rescue] Cray J90s

Gregory Leblanc rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 23:36:32 CDT 2001

On 13 Jun 2001 00:09:49 -0400, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On June 11, Zach Malone wrote:
> > trashed, I mean, would you sink 3000$ into an untested surplus machine which
> > looks like its been beaten around quite a fair bit?  I dunno,  I think in
>   Are you KIDDING ME?  In a heartbeat.  We're talking about a
> 3-5 year old machine with a price tag of just short of a million
> bucks.  You don't need a supercomputer to do THAT math.

Wow, are the J90s really that new?  Oh, well you said that they shipped
with SS5s as terminals, and they're certainly that new.  It's amazing
how much computer hardware changes in only 5 years.. 

> > situations like this its all about how well the seller knows about the
> > hardware.
>   The sellers *never* know the hardware.  There are but a handful of
> people around who do, and they're not in the surplus business.

I'm assuming that this refers to just Cray stuff, right?  I've dealt
with quite a few people who really know their hardware, but it's not
anything on the scale of Crays.

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