[rescue] Nextstep and transcievers

Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 23:22:02 CDT 2001

Is there anyone who wants to cheaply sell me a copy of Nextstep 3.3 or
better to run on a HP PA-Risc machine?  My 712 should arrive later this
week, and I still don't have an OS for (and I don't want linux, I have
enough linux machines), and I kinda bought it to run Nextstep on.

I also could really use 3 - 4 aui to 10 base T trancivers.  I'm on the
virge of getting the Javastation to netboot, and I'm hoping to get the
SS2 and Sun4 and Sun3 machines up and running quickly.  But, my one
transciever seems to be broken.  I'm having trouble finding them on ebay,
except for an occasional rediculusly priced (>$20) mac specific one (or so
it is labeled, probably isn't really mac specific).

Joshua Boyd

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