[rescue] Which is better?

amy rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 22:30:17 CDT 2001

katz said:
> >> Uhm, I'd be willing to wager you're probably violating some NDA by doing that
> >> and could royally piss some folks off.

OH, you mean like the one you violated when you visited by accidentally 
*cough* telling stuff?

then brian said:
> no, Jon has a good point.  sunhelp.org has already had a run-in with Sun, and
> i will not be the person to bring on another one.  if you want to know, you
> know how to get a copy.

pfft. no fun tonight. :) (dont get me wrong, i appreciate the
letters from sun legal isnt a good way to start the morning ;)


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