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Tue Jun 12 21:26:30 CDT 2001

Opens my eyes, but leads to more and more questions.  Like, at what level
are vectors considered atomic(I'm guessing the kernel itself for the
hardware wouldn't treat vectors as the sole atomic value, system-wide,
would it?)?  Just in program space, or deep in the kernel as well?  What
about memory addressing?  What about...oh hell...is there a decent book to
read? :)

>   This may not seem like such a huge win at first glance...but when
> you consider the fact that most Crays (all except the YMP-C90) operate
> on 64-bit numbers and have vector registers that are 64 elements deep
> (i.e. the maximum length of a single vector is 64 numbers), the
> usefulness and raw power of this form of operational parallelism
> becomes clear.
>   Is this a useful explanation?
>             -Dave McGuire
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