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Tue Jun 12 19:01:52 CDT 2001

Ok, just so people will stop bugging me about the LX ;-)
This is what's left
The SS1, that I will probably have to just chunk
the Vigra SBUS VGA card
the FDDI Card
the 2 monitors and
the SM50

Thank you and good night,

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Once again I have come across some more stuff that must go.
Everything is free(except the LX) if you can stop by and pick it up, I am in
the Oklahoma City area, Otherwise make me an offer that will cover shipping,
plus a couple of bucks for my time or something in trade.
(the monitors I will not ship though, way too heavy, would cost about 60-75
to ship)

Items left over from last time:
SS1 with dead NVRAM, this time it has no memory though

3Com NETBuilder Remote Office router

New Items:
2 Mylex DAC960 single bus(fast-wide) RAID card, one has 4meg cache, the
other 32Meg
These configure with DOS utilities that are still available on their
website, most(all?) x86 NIX's have drivers for these including Solaris x86
as well as NT.

I have several GX & TGX video cards, too many to count really

SparcStation LX, loaded, 96Meg, 1 gig, OpenBSD is currently installed, I'd
like to get $30 plus shipping on this.

Vigra SBUS VGA card, this is the one that only does 800X600

Crescendo FDDI SBUS card, part #A301T

SUN 20inch Monochrome Monitor with SBUS card, this is the old 9 pin version,
figured the card should go with the monitor, case is cracked but a perfect

SUN 20inch grayscale, this thing has seen better days, pretty poor picture,
but it works in a pinch


Things I'm looking for(even if you don't want my stuff, if you have any of
these items available, let me know)
SM81s, must have faster SS20
64meg SS20 RAM, 64meg chips ONLY
SUN Video SBUS card(501-2232)

That's all I can think of right now, let me know if your interested or if
you have any of the items on my wish list.

chad at ziggadigga.com

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