[rescue] Which is better?

Eric Hall rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 18:53:09 CDT 2001

Al Potter wrote:
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> wonko at tmok.com said:
> > IMHO, 8. i noticed a very large speed increase on my sparc5 with 128MB
> > ram when i went from 7 to 8.
> - - If one were to troll the archives, one would find similar statements from
> different periods referring to varying versions of Solaris, with the version
> number increasing.
> - - Said speed increases are real, and due to one or both of two factors:
>         The code actually got faster OR
>         The disks got reformatted, and all the cruft and fragmentation was
>                 cleared.
> Anybody else got any wild  theories?
ummm, there is no doubt in my mind that Sol 8
is faster then 7 on my 2xSM51 SS10 with 128MB.
Code can be rewritten to run more efficiently,
and often is in more modern O/S releases. How
often have you gone back and tweaked that old
program for a bit more speed when you had the 

Eric H

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