[rescue] GDM-20D10, TGX revisited

John Eo rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 15:25:13 CDT 2001

My coworker says he tried every Stop-* (including the -a) combo 
possible on his machine, with no success.  If my machine does have 
a custom firmware, what options do I have?  Could the problem be 
that he's using a type-5c keyboard?  I couldn't find any doc on 
the machine at Kodak site.

BTW, I'm pretty sure it's a SS5.  It's got 110MHz microSparc II 
processor, and peeling the Kodak label reveals silk-screened Sun 
logo...  The case itself looks very unaltered.

Thanks for all the help.


>I know nothing of this machine, but if it actually is a 
Sparcstation5 it might
>have custom firmware.

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