[rescue] GDM-20D10, TGX revisited

John Eo rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 12:23:25 CDT 2001

Hello to all.  Let me start by saying I am very new to everything 
Sun (including this list), so please bear with me.

I just recently got a hold of Kodak Digital Processor 1000, which 
I've been told is really a dressed-up SS5.  It comes with a lousy 
VGA frame buffer (800 x 600 @ ~55Hz) and what appears to be a 
printer port.  Right now it boots up to a screen that complains 
about a missing touch screen (it used to be a part of a digital 
photo edit kiosk), and I cannot get past it.  I have nothing else 
for it right now other than a GDM-20D10 monitor I got from 

I would appreciate any help in the following area:

1. Will TGX work with SS5, GDM-20D10, and Solaris 8?  If not, 
which frame buffer(s) will?

2. After I got the monitor, I realized it was supossed to come 
with a remote control.  Where can I get one of them these days?

3. A coworker of mine also has a machine identical to mine, but he 
has been unable to bring up OpenBoot with Stop-d using his type-5c 
keyboard.  Any suggestions on how we can override whatever's on it 
now and install Solaris, Linux, etc. ?

I noticed that similar topics had been covered a few years ago, 
but none seemed to be specific enough.  I would very much 
appreciate any help.


John Eo 

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