[rescue] GDM-20D10, TGX revisited

James Fogg rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 11:56:01 CDT 2001

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, THOU SPAKE:
> 1. Will TGX work with SS5, GDM-20D10, and Solaris 8?  If not, 
> which frame buffer(s) will?
Yes, nicely. TGX+ is a little faster.

> 2. After I got the monitor, I realized it was supossed to come 
> with a remote control.  Where can I get one of them these days?
No idea (why would one need such a thing?, watching TV?).

> 3. A coworker of mine also has a machine identical to mine, but he 
> has been unable to bring up OpenBoot with Stop-d using his type-5c 
> keyboard.  
Err... use stop-a. You can also type eeprom from a solaris prompt and see/modify
the settings (need root). See the man page on eeprom.

>Any suggestions on how we can override whatever's on it 
> now and install Solaris, Linux, etc. ?
Get a Solaris 7 or 8 install CD and boot off the CD (assuming you have the CD
drive). Excellent guides for Linux/*BSD installs exist on the net. You can also
boot from a network attached server (eeprom setttings required).

> I noticed that similar topics had been covered a few years ago, 
> but none seemed to be specific enough.  I would very much 
> appreciate any help.
I know nothing of this machine, but if it actually is a Sparcstation5 it might
have custom firmware.


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