gooey dogs, was Re: [rescue] Free goodies (northern CA)

Chad Fernandez rescue at
Tue Jun 12 11:15:25 CDT 2001

Been there done that, usually with a clean/new shirt on!  Some friends
have a Mastiff, I think that's what, "Thunder" is.... huge dog, and he's
still growing.  It's really time to watch out for the drool after he has
had a gallon of water to drink.  You can visibly see the water level go
down in his bowl, then he comes over fully recharged and wants to shove
his snout in your shirt or wipe it on your pants!  He just wants
attention, but you gotta watch the slime.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Gil Young wrote:
> That description fits my friends great dane to a T, my wife is very
> squeamish about yucky things and the dog spit from that dog is like the
> hoover dam busting.  He is a great dog, though, a true gentle giant.  The
> kids do all sorts of things to the dog (ride it, pull on tail, etc.)  He
> always takes it in stride.  Then slobbers the nearest person with a quart
> of his doggy goo.
> If not for the goo, i'd love to have that kind of dog.
> Gil

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