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Tue Jun 12 10:38:42 CDT 2001

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, amy wrote:

> i *did*. he's (max) a year and a half and just very precocious. its not
> attention he craves, he just does it for the fun of it. he loves making 
> noise, the louder, the better. 

Aha..  A 1 1/2 yr old dog *is* a puppy :-)  They may look adult, but none
of them act like it.  Sorta like those rebelious teenage years...

> around here, getting a pitbull from the pound is a little like
> playing russian roulette.

Yeah, it is around here as well.  In fact I think my dog was abused by
it's previous owner.  My grandfather was a dog trainer for 50 years, so I
have a lot of obedience training experience, and I kind of have a soft
spot for pound dogs.  Figured I'd "test" the dogs that were there for
obvious disposition problems and then kid test them (you know - pull on
their ears, tail, poke them, etc..).  Found one that was pretty tolerant,
and took her home.  A little good food, visit to the vet, some love and
attention and I have a great dog..!
Of course getting her to start tolerating my cat is a *whole* different
story :-)


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