[rescue] Which is better?

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 10:05:26 CDT 2001

> - - If one were to troll the archives, one would find similar statements from
> different periods referring to varying versions of Solaris, with the version
> number increasing.

2.3 -> anything else. :)

> - - Said speed increases are real, and due to one or both of two factors:
>         The code actually got faster OR

i truely believe this (without any supporting evidence)

>         The disks got reformatted, and all the cruft and fragmentation was
>                 cleared.

to help lend credability to the speculations, the install of 7 was done a couple
of weeks earlier, and not much disk usage, so consider it a fresh install of 7
versus a fresh install of 8.

> Anybody else got any wild  theories?

Sun seems to pull their heads out of their butt every once in a while and get
it mostly right (see 2.5.1 as an example) so maybe 8 is just another one of
thoses cases.

even more interesting, is 9 seems to have very few features added to it and
those features that it does seem to have, tend to be "drop in" features (like
adding ssh to the base install) so i hope they spent all that time tweaking 
what they already have in an attempt to make Solaris rule.


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