[rescue] Free goodies (northern CA)

amy rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 09:22:35 CDT 2001

linc wrote:
> Not!  Sounds like a dog that craves attention - or a puppy.  If you want 
> dog, get a dog,

i *did*. he's (max) a year and a half and just very precocious. its not
attention he craves, he just does it for the fun of it. he loves making 
noise, the louder, the better. 

> I learned my lesson long ago and last time got a dog (pitbull 3yrs old)
> from the pound.  

around here, getting a pitbull from the pound is a little like
playing russian roulette.

> I can afford to have an
> animal chewing on my computer equipment that I can t afford in the first
> place :-)

eh, afford isnt the issue. it's just amusing :)


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