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Tue Jun 12 04:50:01 CDT 2001

I noticed that SGI is one of the few companies selling Intel itanium based
machines.  Are these shipping yet?  Do they compare with other 64bit RISC
chips?  Will other RISC vendors be moving to 128 bit?  I know that apple is
using a 128 bit bus to the G4, but as I understand it, the G4 itself is
still a 64 bit chip.
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> On June 13, James Lockwood wrote:
> > >   If they stick with PeeCee, they'll be Just Another PeeCee Vendor.
> > > Which means they'll have to compete on price alone, which means
> > > they'll lose their shirts.
> >
> > That depends.  A packaged, turnkey PC based solution can be cost
> > given the right software (heck, F5 manages it).
>   They're selling them as application-in-a-box machines, though.  I'm
> talking about as general-purpose "servers", a-la Netra.
> > >   It's happened time and time again.  DEC tried it and nearly ran
> > > themselves out of money.  DG tried it and now where are they?  Unisys,
> > > Intergraph, AT&T, etc etc etc...they all tried to jump on the "hey
> >
> > And now SGI.  How the mighty have fallen.
>   Yeah, but nobody seems to be buying those machines.  Not sure what's
> going on there.
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