[rescue] RE:[SunRescue] Holy crap - I can't believe it! supersellers.net *may* be getting better!

Bruce Pullig rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 12 00:48:38 CDT 2001

No, Supersellers.net has not changed their "evil" ways.   Below is an
account of my last purchase from them.  I wonder if the "30 day warranty"
starts on the UPS manifest date, or when I finally receive it.

May 23 12:45 PM -Ordered memory for my Ultra 10 from their website

May 23 12:54 PM -received confirmation from PayPal of payment receipt.
(Yes, I'm a Verified member, and paid using PayPal balance!)

May 25 9:44 PM -Received UPS Manifest (That is over 48 hours after I
received PayPal confirmation)

June 6 1:01 PM -Memory picked up by UPS (2 weeks after I ordered via PayPal.

June 11, still not received, but at least it is in my town somewhere,
hopefully not under water!


Bruce Pullig
bruce at pullig.com

A long time ago a hopeful Ken Hansen said...
>[SunRescue] Holy crap - I can't believe it! supersellers.net *may* be
getting >better!
>Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
>Tue, 22 May 2001 07:02:02 -0400
>Superseller has shipped the SS/5-170 (Sun refurb) within 24 hour from
>order - I am in shock!
>Here is the UPS link - *not in manifest pickup status*:
>I could actually see this system on Tuesday next week!
>Maybey they are improving... I offer this up as a single datapoint, not to
>replace anyone's previous history with Supersellers, but as a possible
>indication that now that business has slacked off (no more ebay), he can do
>what he says, ship quickly.
>BTW - my 24 hour window didn't start until they opened for business on
>Monday morning - I placed my order Saturday morning via their website and
>paid with PayPal.

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