[rescue] Re: 4/600 memory, This is a TEST

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Mon Jun 11 23:22:18 CDT 2001

   According to the FEH, there is no SIMM size selector on the 4/6xx
mainboard. Presumably it's supposed to autodetect -- it is specced to
use 4M or 16M SIMMs and I have a unit configured with 1M SIMMs on
the mainboard which I actually used once or twice when it still belonged
to my place of employment. (Haven't had a chance to set it up at home
yet.) Bank 0 is on the left and bank 1 on the right.

   The memory expansion boards, on the other hand, DO have SIMM size
selectors as well as a number of other jumpers.

   Besides the board 0/board 1 jumper located near P1, and J3901
(function unknown) near P3, there's a line of ten in the middle of
the board near the rear panel. From left to right with the
rear panel facing you, they are:

   bank 2 & 3 single/double-sided SIMM selection
      in for single, out for double -- I believe only 16M SIMMs are "double"
   bank 2 installed
      in if SIMMs installed in bank 2, out if not
   bank 3 installed
   bank 3, 2, 1, 0 SIMM speed selection
      in for 100ns SIMMs, out for 80ns SIMMs
   bank 1 installed
   bank 0 installed
   bank 0 & 1 single/double-sided SIMM selection

   "in" is toward the rear panel.

   Banks 0 and 1 are the column of slots on the right, 2 and 3 are on
the left. The left column goes bank 2/bank 3 alternating away from the rear
panel; the right column goes bank 1/bank 0 alternating away from the rear

   --James B.

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