[rescue] Re: 4/600 memory, This is a TEST

Dan Debertin rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 23:19:32 CDT 2001

On 12 Jun 2001 jwbirdsa at picarefy.picarefy.com wrote:

>    Besides the board 0/board 1 jumper located near P1, and J3901
> (function unknown) near P3,

J3901 has something to do with clocking. If you remove the jumper and
power it on with your diag-switch on, your PROM will complain about a
missing clock mumblemumble (can't remember). That, combined with the fact
that that silver thing in front of it _really_ looks timer/clock-ish....

Dan Debertin
airboss at nodewarrior.org

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