Baltimore warehouse o'Suns (was RE: [rescue] Free goodies (northern CA))

Loomis, Rip rescue at
Mon Jun 11 22:51:05 CDT 2001

I think this is who you think it is:
Boris Peters Associates International (BPAI),
D/B/A "czar8" on eBay.  I didn't make it to
the Timonium hamfest this year, but a friend
who did indicated that there wasn't much there
beyond SPARC 2-class boxen.  (I have nothing
against such systems, but I'm putting together
a small lab to teach Solaris 8 sysadmin, so sun4m
is a minimum requirement).  I hadn't dealt
with BPAI before, so I was a little surprised
to see some of the things in their warehouse.
At least two skids of Toshiba Equiium (sp?)
PPro/200 systems, all sorts of stuff vintage
1992-1997 with a few more recent systems/parts
thrown in.  Definitely an entertaining visit...
I just wonder where all those 5s and 10s are
heading since they don't seem to be putting
them up for auction...


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> ObRescue #2:
> I happened upon the Baltimore equivalent of
> that warehouse where they take the Ark of
> the Covenant on Friday...

Was this Boris' shop, or is there another place in Baltimore that I need
to find out about?

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