[rescue] Free goodies (northern CA)

Andrew Sydelko rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 21:45:17 CDT 2001

) On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Andrew Sydelko wrote:
) > 6bone??? Wow, it's amazing the people you find tinkering
) > with IPv6. I've been working on it since April '99 when
) > a friend of mine suggested I play with it. I've so far set
) > up the only node at Purdue University (the main computing
) > center wants _nothing_ to do with it.) and have so far only
) > had one staff member and two students ask about it.
) I've had a full time connection since last year, or did until my service
) was cut (Northpoint fallout).  Node FOONLY.  I also did some research with
) it a few years back at USC/ISI.
) MRT appears to be the current best bet for routing IPv6 with Solaris as
) Zebra support is still lacking.  Combined with the IPv6 ipfilter support
) it makes quite a nice package.  I'm trying to get a friend who runs a
) smallish ISP to apply for a pTLA to get in at the ground level and tinker
) with backbone routing.

Being a pTLA seems to take more than just one person tinkering
with it. I'm not sure what the exact rules are but something
like 3 dedicated staff is what I remember.

As far as internal site routing goes, the Solaris ripngd works

I really wish I could figure out why pinging the other side of
a tunnel doesn't return the packet. I'm pretty sure it has
something to do with Neighbor Discover and protocol 41.

I set up a tunnel:

	A <----> B

When host A pings host B, B sees it but doesn't return anything
over the non-site-local address. Same problem in the opposite
direction. Pinging site-local addresses (fe80) works just fine.


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