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Mon Jun 11 21:40:41 CDT 2001

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   I have a 4/670 case (also thanks to Mike)
that has 2 501-1901  690MP  MEMORY EXP BOARDS
installed in addition to my main board.
    I have set all my jumpers per the FEH and
have the same problem.  I checked the jumper
settings on the VME backplane (they are special
for this type of board) and the positions of the
cards ( system must be in 6 and memory 0 in 4 and
memory 1 in 6 )
   The closest I have come to a boot is the point you
seem to have already hit.
   I can tell you that by wasteing 2 days or so in this
project I have tried just about every jumper combination
on the expansion boards and on the mainboard.
   When I upgraded my eproms to run quad hypersparcs
the new bridgepoint rom looked for 12 memory locations.
I am wondering if there is a prom issue.
   Feel free to e-mail me off list and I can give you a blow
for blow account of my battle sofar (I don't have my notes or FEH
with me)
Good Luck

>On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Al Potter wrote:
>>  So, I got this board over the weekend (Thanks to Mike Nicewonger, always=
>>  pleasure) and it had 512MB of RAM on it (32x 16MB simms).  I plugged in =
>>  simms for 128MB and now it hangs on boot at "Initializing Memory".
>>  I prolly forgot to move a jumper, can't find an obvious one on the 
>>board, and
>>  the dratted FEH is at the house.
>>  The test is:  Who can come up with the answer the FASTEST.  (I'm betting=
>>  James Lockwood).
>I'm no SS600 god, but I can try.
>There is no SIMM size selector jumper on the SS600 mainboard, it should
>autodetect like the sun4c boxes.  Does it hang with a specific pattern on
>the LED's?  Have you tried a diag boot?  Are all the SIMMs true parity and
>80ns or faster?
>Try pulling half the RAM (leave the half closest to the side of the board,
>sockets U1401 through U1107) and see what happens.  You may also want to
>pull all the ram, blow out the contacts and reinsert.  Sometimes the
>tension on those RAM sockets isn't so good after a decade.

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