[rescue] Free goodies (northern CA)

Andrew Sydelko rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 21:23:08 CDT 2001

) This baby will go up on the 6bone once I have a full-time fast connection
) again.

6bone??? Wow, it's amazing the people you find tinkering
with IPv6. I've been working on it since April '99 when
a friend of mine suggested I play with it. I've so far set 
up the only node at Purdue University (the main computing
center wants _nothing_ to do with it.) and have so far only
had one staff member and two students ask about it.

I work for the Engineering Computer Network here on 
campus and we have recently been upgrading any Sun
higher than an Ultra 1 to Solaris 8. The guy who does
most of the Solaris adminning (is that a word) has 
kindly enabled IPv6 on all of them. During the testing
period when we had less than a dozen of them, I had
all the NFS mounts between Solaris 8 boxen using
IPv6. Even telnet and ftp used it.

But then one night something happened and none of my
tunnels work anymore. It was the same night that one
of the core atm switches on the campus backbone went
out and I seriously suspect the computing center to 
have done something to the network so my tunnels don't

It's especially frustrating when they claim "We
didn't change a thing, must be something on your end."
Which very well could be, but I had it working
fine the day before... (And this quote comes from
the same people who claim that putting redundant
power supplies in any of the campus networking gear
is not cost effective.)

Wow, enough ranting from me.

Anyone here ever play with Zope?


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