[rescue] Re: SGI 2500

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 20:52:46 CDT 2001

> What and where is this?
> nick

a really big, really old SGI machine.  and it's in VA.

> How much is it?  I assume you are talking about an IRIS 2500, and not some
> SGI/Intel thingy?
> Joshua

i don't collect intel. :)  yeah, this is an IRIS 2500, it's in Lorton, VA. the
bid is currently $51, and there are 14 hours left.  it's in fabulous condition.



ps: is it really sad that $51 is too much? then of course there is truck rental
cranges, since my blazer is in no condition to make it to VA and back without
blowing up.

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