[rescue] Re: [SunHELP] Installing Sol 8 on SS5

Dale Ghent rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 20:02:25 CDT 2001

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Paul Khoury wrote:

| Okay, I finally got my other SS5 (one with 64MB of RAM in it). It came
| with Linux installed, but I didn't even bother to check it out and
| went straight to installing Solaris 8.  Unfortunately, since it wanted
| a 512MB swap file or larger to do the install, I ended up using a
| Micropolis 3.6GB drive intended as an upgrade for my webserver.  So I
| format it and partition it (almost 3 hours of time), and then I get
| connected command errors.  What is going on?

Old and failing drive, perhaps? Do you know that this new drive is good?
Micropolis drives arent known for their longevity. What is the exact error
you are seeing, and are you seeing it predictably under certain

Also, you dont need to format/newfs the drive if you're going to put a
fresh installation on it. You just need to label it, which takes a matter
of seconds to do.


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