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What's really sad is that we have an E3000
on loan from Sun to work with Portal Server
(4x170MHz CPUs, 1GB RAM...a low-end box) but
we had so much trouble getting the current
version of the software that the box has
been running just a screensaver for the
last 4 months.  We finally got Portal Server
as part of the current "Developer bundle"
promotion, so perhaps the box will finally
get put to good use.

ObRescue #1:
Thanks *very* much to James for the suggestion
about FC #A0089 for the U1/170E fan.  New
MB and heatsink are in transit to my office...
and I discovered that the last "home of record"
for my 170E was the CIA...

ObRescue #2:
I happened upon the Baltimore equivalent of
that warehouse where they take the Ark of
the Covenant on Friday...how about 3 skids
each of SPARC 5s and 10s, plus AT LEAST
4 skids of 16/17" Sun monitors and 6 skids
of 20" monitors?  Supposedly there are
SPARC 20s in there somewhere as well...but
the prize was an 11-month old 21" premium
Sun monitor for $200.  Oh my...it's...big.

If those guys ever decide to unload all those
5s and 10s, then the bottom will *really*
drop out of the used Sun market...


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On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 06:38:26PM -0400, Jonathan Katz wrote:
> I *so* need some stick time on a dual proc E250 or E450 right now...

You work for sun.. and.... 


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