[rescue] Free goodies (northern CA)

Jonathan Katz rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 17:38:26 CDT 2001

James wrote:
> The whole thing has taken a year to assemble, but it was cheap.  I think
> I'm in for about $1700 total, which is a bargain when I'm selling the
> system it is replacing for $1000 (decked-out Ultra AXi).

That's Silly-Valley fire-sale pricing! I've heard rumours of fully-loaded
A5200s for *gasp* $500.
> -James [who else here wishes Sun had included, oh, HANDLES on the 450???]

They do... when you screw in the PCI card cage and power supplies you can
use the handles on those. If you get the rack-mount kits those have handles
as well.

I *so* need some stick time on a dual proc E250 or E450 right now...


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